Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc.
SHG has a history of providing specialized solutions to the complex financial and strategic challenges of its' clients.

Investment Banking

M&A advisory and securing growth capital for middle market companies on a regional and global scale.

SHG offers a full suite of investment banking services to companies, boards, shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders. Our approach is to work as a trusted advisor to provide informed advice on all aspects of business combinations, capital allocations and other corporate finance activities. SHG focuses on advising companies in the middle market, which we define as transactions between $5 million and $500 million. We offer an expansive choice of investment banking services including:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether our client is assessing an acquisition, a potential merger, or a sale opportunitiy, our M&A team has helped them formulate a favorable result that maximizes returns for our clients and stakeholders. Our comprehensive M&A services include: evaluate strategic alternatives, create or refine acquisition startegy, preparation of confidential information memorandum, valuation guidance, systematic identifcation and screening of potential buyers or sellers, manage due diligence requests, analyze terms and conditions, arrange, negotiate and structure financing, and negotiation assistance.

Debt & Equity Placement

SHG acts as the placement agent for many of our clients looking to raise capital for growth purposes. When we assist clients in connection with their capital structure and growth plans, our services include a review and analysis of structural alternatives, assistance in long-term capital planning, and securing , refinancing, or restructuring bank debt, junior debt, mezzanine capital and equity.

Raimundo C. Archibold Jr., CFA
Raimundo C. Archibold Jr., CFA
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